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"Carrot Cake Lady"

Homemade Miniature Carrot Cakes mmmmm so good !!

~ My Story ~  

     Twenty-five years ago I started baking Carrot Cakes from scratch for the holidays for my family. Every holiday I was asked, are you making a Carrot Cake by family and friends? I would often hesitate because I didn't want to grate the carrots. My mother would often assist with grating in order to have a Carrot Cake for the holidays. Carrot Cake has always been my favorite because it melts in your mouth. My oldest brother once said he didn't like Carrot Cake, but after he tasted my delicious & moist cake........ well all I will say is he took half the cake home with him.

     While driving home from a very stressful day at work, I began to ask God what am I good at that people really enjoy? The Carrot Cake would often surface to the front of my thoughts which I thought noooooooooo that's not it. Finally the cakes resurfaced again & again so I decided to move forward. I sent out an email to co-workers and to my amazement I got several responses requesting to order a cake for the Christmas holidays. I experienced the greatest joy when everyone expressed how much they loved the cake, that was my confirmation I was on to something GREAT. All I could say was "Thank You Jesus" . I finally listened to the voice I was hearing.

       I went a step further and started attending local events for vendors and again people were expressing how good the cake was. Whenever I setup my display I am overwhelmed & excited with joy over the compliments and emails I receive from customers expressing how great the product is & the display presentation. I often say to myself wowwwww this came so easy for me { in other words this was a hidden passion that came to life}.

     Now today I specialize in Carrot Cakes which is a great dessert I make from scratchhhhhhhh. It is moist and the cream cheese icing is awesome. Guaranteed to make everyone go mmmmmmmmm so good. Not only does this cake look & taste incredible, it also makes a great centerpiece for any dessert table.

Thank you in advance for choosing us for your personal or business dessert needs.

~Keep the Faith~